"Take Those Kids Outside and Play" at OU-Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our show today, we visit with Dr. Diane M. Horm and Dr. Deborah J. Norris, both of the University of Oklahoma's Early Childhood Education Institute, which is based on the OU-Tulsa campus at 41st and Yale. Both are participating in a seminar happening at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Learning Center later this week. The seminar is called "Take Those Kids Outside and Play," and it begins on Thursday night (the 7th) at 6:30pm with an open-to-the-public lecture entitled "Mud Pies, Willow Huts, and Water Play: The World of Natural Playscapes." There is no charge to attend this opening lecture, but (due to limited seating) registration is required. Call 918-660-3317 for more information, or to register. Later in the seminar, Dr. Horm and Dr. Norris will jointly offer a presentation on "Oklahoma's Playgrounds and Outdoor Learning Environments for Young Children." They discuss this topic (and various related matters) with us on toady's edition of StudioTulsa. (Also, you can view a flyer for the upcoming event at OU-Tulsa at this link: http://tulsa.ou.edu/outulsa/Seed%20Sower%20Flyer%200910.pdf.)