SUV Still in Spring River

Miami, OK – SUV involved in fatal crash remains in icy river

MIAMI, Okla. (AP) A sport utility vehicle that lunged off an icy bridge into the Spring River may not be removed for weeks.

Three people died and five others were injured in the accident on the Will Rogers Turnpike near Miami. All were riding in the Chevrolet Avalanche, which landed top side up in the frigid water.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. George Brown said Friday the SUV remained in the water, and there was no hurry to get it out. Brown noted that more snow was falling, and crews wouldn't be able to reach the SUV until the weather cleared.

Brown says it's ultimately the responsibility of the SUV's owner to get a wrecker service to remove the vehicle, but it will require a tow truck with a lot of cable. The accident happened on Thursday.