Summer Camp Giving Students an Early Look at Architecture Careers

Aug 5, 2014

Students check out architecture in downtown Tulsa's Deco District during a Camp T Square walking tour.
Credit Oklahoma Innovation Institute

You might cross paths with middle- and high-school students taking in downtown Tulsa’s architecture this week.

Annie Tyndall with the Oklahoma Innovation Institute said Camp T Square is designed to give the students a hands-on look at the profession.

"That's what's great about this camp, is that we're saying, 'Here's what architects do. They use these skills all day — not the same way as you're learning them, but it's kind of the same basic principles,'" Tyndall said.

Students will also travel to Bartlesville Friday for a trip to Price Tower; however, there’s more to it than sightseeing.

"They're also learning how to problem solve and how to use machines and tools that they wouldn't otherwise get exposed to," Tyndall said. "There's the 3D printers and the laser cutters, and they're getting to learn how those work and that's emphasizing the science and the problem-solving skills."

After morning walking tours, the students go to Fab Lab in Tulsa to sketch, draft, model and build birdhouses, which are their projects for the weeklong camp.