Substainable Energy

Tulsa, Ok – Mayor Kathy Taylor announced today that Adriana Rodriguez of Hamilton Middle School has won the Sustainable Energy Essay Contest, held by Tulsa Public Schools and the City of Tulsa.

Adriana was told of her win at an early morning news conference today at City Hall.

"I'm thrilled to announce the essay contest winner," said Mayor Kathy Taylor. "Adriana's essay, Sustainable Energy: It's Important to Our Community,' clearly stated her thoughts on why our country and the whole world must look closely at sustainable energy sources, and develop whatever technology required to make them affordable and accessible to everyone."

Taylor also announced second and third place winners, respectively, Ryan Bunch and Brienna Milleson, both of Thoreau Demonstration Academy.

Dr. Keith Ballard, the superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools, said the collaboration between the City of Tulsa and the state's largest school district is a great way to bring attention to an important issue.
"It's important for today's students to understand petroleum-based energy may no be around forever," said Ballard. "I believe this contest exposes their minds to that possibility and challenges students to start thinking about how their generation might impact the future of energy in the world."

The schools of the respective winners will receive a variety of educational materials, totaling $30,000, for their libraries. The materials have been donated by Global New Energy Solutions (NES), the company that is sponsoring a nationwide educational effort on the topic of sustainable fuels. In addition, Global NES will construct a 30-foot wind turbine at a Tulsa Public School site during October.