Students Return to School in Moore after Tornado

Aug 17, 2013

Governor Fallin talks with a Chaplin at the Moore tornado site.
Credit File Photo-State of Oklahoma

MOORE, Okla. (AP) — Some kids are anxious as they return to classes in Moore, where two elementary schools were flattened by an EF5 tornado and seven classmates were among 24 people killed.

Zack Lewis asked his parents who will come for him if the weather gets bad? Haley Delgado carries headphones to block out the noise of the wind. And Cam'ron Richardson keeps a photo of his rescue on his cellphone.

Counselors and therapy dogs greeted students Friday at Central Junior High, which will share its campus with Plaza Towers students for at least the next year. There were gift bags of candy on each desk.

Fourth-grade teacher Kimberly Martinez says she got emotional but was able to pull herself together for her students.

Teachers and administrators hope the new school year will help the children put the memory of the May 20th tornado behind them.