Storms Hit OKC Again

Oklahoma City, OK – Hail storm pummels Oklahoma City metro area

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A hail storm that moved in from northwestern Oklahoma pounded the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, leaving broken windows and other damage in its wake.

The storm Sunday afternoon brought hail as large as softballs and driving rain, forcing motorists off roads in an effort to avoid shattered windshields and other damage. The storm produced so much hail, it looked like a snowstorm had hit.

Emergency Medical Services Authority spokeswoman Lara O'Leary says paramedics took 21 patients to local hospitals as a result of the storm. Deputy Fire Chief Cecil Clay says firefighters responded to numerous wrecks, injuries and downed power lines.

The storm damaged two ambulance units, one fire truck and 34 police vehicles.

Wind gusts as high as 60 mph were measured during the storm, which left leaves, branches and other debris on the ground.

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