State Teachers Walkout is Over

Apr 12, 2018

OEA President Alicia Priest announce,s in a crowded briefing room, that the walkout is over
Credit Oklahoma Watch

The Oklahoma Education Association announced this afternoon it is ending the walkout portion of its protest for additional education funding. OEA President Alicia Priest made the announcement in an Oklahoma City news conference.

She told reporters the OEA had achieved most of its goals and called the nearly $1-billion in new funding "historic". She still called on lawmakers to do more. Priests wants schools to continue to send smaller delegations to Oklahoma City each day to continue the lobbying effort.

Watch a short clip of the announcement from Oklahoma Watch's Twitter Feed

The Tulsa Public Schools will resume classes on Tuesday of next week. Teachers will return to the classroom on Monday.

Earlier in the day, the Oklahoma Public Employees Association announced it would no longer participate in the walkout because the focus has shifted strictly to education and not other state workers.