"Spring" Is the Thing on the Next Broadcast of All This Jazz

Mar 22, 2013

Tune in for the upcoming edition of All This Jazz, which begins on Saturday the 23rd at 10pm Central on Public Radio 89.5-1. As is our happy custom each and every Saturday night from ten till midnight, we'll offer modern jazz both recent and classic.

And our second-hour theme for the program will be (cue the chirping birds and budding flowers) "Spring." Thus we'll hear such classic jazz themes as "Joy Spring" and "It Might as Well Be Spring" and "Up Jumped Spring" --- as well as "Spring Ahead" by Dave Douglas and "Passion Spring" by Kenny Dorham (see LP cover herewith).

We'll also dig terrific music from the likes of John Hicks, Pepper Adams, Art Blakey, Stan Getz, and Aaron Diehl, among others. Join us.