Spring Brings Mold

May 22, 2013

As the rain pours and temperatures rise in the spring, the mold count climbs. This is around the time mold develops in Oklahoma due to the climate and region.  Martina Jelley M.D. with OU Physicians says sometimes the mold count can remain high because of warm weather.

"As the weather starts to get warmer in the spring, especially when there's been a lot of rain," Jelley says, "that's when it starts to really grow and start to float around more in the air, the mold spores. Usually in warmer areas it peaks in the summer time period."

There are different varieties of mold, and not everybody is allergic to all kinds of mold.

"With high levels of allergic mold spores, (most people) will have some reaction, some sort of  irritation. But only people who are really allergic usually get the effects of the outdoor mold," says Jelley.

Jelley adds that treatment is the same for grass or tree allergies and can include antihistamines or a nasal spray. You can go to an allergist and get tested to see exactly what you are allergic to, or get allergy shots to reduce the reaction.