The Spirit and the Music, the Faith and the Beauty: Getting to Know Gloriae Dei Cantores

Oct 11, 2012

Our guest on ST is Elizabeth Patterson, the longtime director of the world-renowned choir known as Gloriae Dei Cantores ("Singers to the Glory of God"). This group is known and admired for its wide-ranging choral artistry, which takes in the repertoire of sacred choral music, Gregorian chant, 21st-century compositions, and more. The choir has received critical acclaim for its artistic elegance, performance authenticity, and compelling spirituality; it's made dozens of recordings over the years and has toured extensively across the globe. Gloriae Dei Cantores will perform the 11th Annual Thomas Matthews Memorial Concert tonight (Thursday the 11th) at 7:30pm at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa (at 501 S. Cincinnati). You can learn much more about this remarkable collective (and about Patterson herself, the accomplished leader of Gloriae Dei Cantores) at this link.