Songs For Stuffing: A Thanksgiving Mix From NPR Music

Listen online 24/7 through November 30 – A Thanksgiving Mix From NPR Music! Listen Online to a continuous stream of multi-genre music about food, featuring contributions from NPR Music partner stations.

The lead-up to Thanksgiving can be tough. There's the teeth-gnashing at the airport and the gray despair of the bus terminal, which is saying nothing of what happens if you've walked in your family's front door without having made tangible progress toward satiating your mom's hunger for grandchildren. You may have to take that hit, too.

But once everyone has gathered around the table and the second bottle of wine has been killed, the bad stuff falls away. Whether you're having turkey, tofurkey, turducken or fish tacos, the family is together, and that's what important. So here's a mix designed to help you keep your mind on the bonding-fueled feast that justifies it all. And if "Blueberry Yum Yum" just happens to inspire you to call the girl from down the block and give it another shot, we can only say, "You're welcome." Happy Thanksgiving!