Some Evacuations take place in Medford

Mar 2, 2012

MEDFORD, Okla. (AP) — Medford schools are closed Friday after a propane leak at a fuel-storage plant prompted a voluntary evacuation of the town's 1,000 residents.

The American Red Cross says two people checked into a shelter in nearby Wakita after the evacuation advisory was issued Thursday.

The leak started Tuesday at the ONEOK plant 2.5 miles south of town. ONEOK spokeswoman Megan Washbourne said crews are working Friday to fix the leak but they don't yet know when it will be contained. Washbourne says the vapors are at a "low and very safe level."

The advisory was issued after shifting winds pushed the vapors toward Medford. Officials worried the vapors could pose a fire risk if a pocket of propane ignited. ONEOK maintains the propane level is too low to be flammable.