Skiatook Receives New Transit Program

Mar 20, 2014

Credit Cherokee Nation Welcome Center

Tribal citizens and employees can now use a new public transportation service to be offered in the Skiatook and Cherokee Nation areas. It will operate much like a cheap cab service costing one dollar for a round trip ride. Cherokee Nation's road director, Michael Lynn, says it was a necessity and people were asking for the service.

"Travel council members from that particular area had asked us to look into it. We worked out an agreement with Cimarron Transit to provide those services. You know, North Tulsa county is not covered by the Tulsa Transit Authority. So they were just kind of left out there alone, but Cimarron Transit stepped up."

Lynn mentions that this program is heavily subsidized.

"Anytime we  can save a Cherokee Nation citizen money, it just puts dollars back in their pocket. That's what this service is all about. We're just trying to get people to and from medical services, employment, government agencies, shopping centers, grocery stores, and things of that nature."

People can call Cimarron Public Transit to schedule a ride. Lynn suggests calling 72 hours in advance to schedule.