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4:17 pm
Mon March 31, 2014

Sir Patrick Stewart Recorded These Secret Messages, Just For Your Ears

The other day, Sir Patrick Stewart stopped by our sister station WNYC in New York City to record these secret messages - just for you!

Kudos & Brickbats received from listeners about our programming:

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  • Public Radio 89.5 is all I listen to. It plays in my house, my barn and my shop almost continuously through the day and evening. We couldn't contribute this year because we are both on fixed incomes and we had several unexpected expenses this year but we hope to get caught up and rectify that soon. I love almost all your programming (not really a fan of some of the more modern stuff). I would really love to hear Beethovan's Waldstein and Appasionata Sonatas and more of Saint Saen's Piano Concertos. Thanks for being on the air and playing great music. - Tulsa
  • I've been a slacker over the last couple of years with my donation, but just had a massive driveway moment which helped to offset my inertia and donate.  You are a major part of my day. - Owasso
  • All 7 radios at my house are tuned to KWGS, but . . . I  can't find my renewal letter - came a week too early.  Please, bill me so I can vote / rank programs I like. - Tulsa
  • I love the Diane Rehm show, all the shows based in Oklahoma and Saturdays with the which I know they retired Car Talk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.  I listen in the company car when I have to be out and about.  I got tired of listening to music and found your station and just love listening to what's going on locally and people talking about money and different books.  Very good station!!! - Tulsa
  • Great station.  Listen whenever I can.  My go to station in the car.   - Bartlesville
  • I'm loving RadioLab right now.  And Science Friday is my perennial favorite.  Don't like the local Saturday morning show with the 3 guys so much, but I love the local daily news coverage. - Tulsa
  • Listen to you 24/7 - Jenks
  • Less local news; more NPR coverage.  After all it is NationalPR, NOT TulsaPR! - Tulsa
  • Commute from Tahlequah to Tulsa daily to the morning shows (from 5:15 to 6:30) and in the afternoon from 3:30 until 5:00 to listen to Terry Gross' interviews. - Tahlequah
  • All your programming is great!  I particularly like harp and classical guitar works, either with or without orchestration. - Broken Arrow
  • Many thanks for enriching all of our lives.  - Tulsa
  • I love RadioLab! - Maumelle, AR
  • NPR makes spending so much time in the kitchen, cooking for my large family, almost bearable. THANK YOU!!! - Tulsa
  • Just keep doing the great work that you do!  I love the local reporting and looking forward to hearing more around cultural issues.  That's really great in a time when appropriated dollars are not supporting the deeper need for the humanities! - Tulsa
  • I love Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, but am sad the podcasts don't go earlier than 2006. - Broken Arrow
  • I was pushed to action when I heard the comments during Morning Edition this morning about $0.10 a day and the joy of crossing something off your to-do list.  Thanks for being on the air! - Tulsa
  • Garrison Keillor and Lynn Rosetto Casper are my favorites, keep up the good work.  Intelligent commentary is difficult to find! - Tulsa
  • NPR is my source of sanity. - Tulsa
  • Great Radio, Great voices........Favorite part of my day - Tulsa
  • NPR is my main source of information both on the radio and web. Thanks for the great programing. I do not need any "thank you" gift aside from continued excellence.  - Tulsa
  • Motivation is 80% Classical 87.5 FM KWTU and 20% NPR 89.5 FM KWGS ... Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is my favorite show ... I wish KWTU would expand into more modern music ... Gershwin, etc. ... and think of all those fabulous movie scores! - Mannford
  • News and classical music — the reasons I listen to Public Radio Tulsa. - Tulsa
  • When my son was in the army over in Iraq, I could not watch the regular news with their drama, doom and gloom. Your station sticks to the facts and you don't tell incorrect information because of being pressured to be the first ones to put out the news. I appreciate that. - Claremore
  • [Our contribution] will be matched by Williams Company - Tulsa
  • We love the programming and selection provided by Public Radio Tulsa. NPR is a preset station in both our cars and is frequently played at home in our kitchen as we prepare morning and evening meals. Keep up the good work! - Tahlequah
  • I live between Tulsa and Stillwater and cannot get either station clearly, but I never listen to any other station. I mostly get all things considered on my commute to work. Thanks for existing.  - Pawnee
  • I've been a listener since about 1995 and wish that I'd started listening earlier!  I feel that my life has been so enriched by Public Radio Tulsa programming and have passed my "habit" on to my husband and our three sons. Scott Simon is one of my NPR heroes with his Saturday Morning Edition news and features.  His stories never fail to touch me with his genuine love for his subjects.  Thank you, Public Radio Tulsa! - Tulsa
  • I'd love to have been able to donate with Bitcoin ;-) Also, I REALLY dislike the Diane Rehm show. She has some very interesting topics and guests, but she appears unable to speak well and is irritating to listen to. It's literally the only NPR show I CANNOT listen to and have to change the station on. - Sand Springs
  • I love the programing & local news. There are some spots here in B'ville that I lose the signal tho. - Bartlesville
  • Your station is continuing to improve and locally the news dept. has improved significantly. I listen to NPR for all my news and especially their features and interviews. Thank you. - Tulsa
  • A lifeline, yes.  thank you.  We are moving to Western OK this summer so will connect with another public radio station.  Thanks for being there! - Skiatook
  • I love listening to your broadcast. You give me valuable insight into situations I never knew existed. - Tulsa
  • I need more time in the car to listen to all that I want to hear.   - Tulsa
  • I wake up to your program every morning.  - Tulsa
  • What would we do without KWGS!!! - Broken Arrow
  • I love all your programs, they are just fantastic! Please continue what you are doing. - Tulsa
  • I listen at noon and love Radio Lab and Commonwealth Club of California. Please continue these. If possible, can you bring back To the Best of Our Knowledge? - Tulsa
  • I couldn't live without NPR.  KWGS gets me going in the morning.  And then if I have errands to run, my car radio is set on 89.5.  Once in a while, there will be something on KWGS I really don't want to listen to, so I change to the classical station.  And Rich, thank you for giving me a tour of the station the other day.  I really appreciated that. - Tulsa
  • Would love to hear more harp pieces!! - Broken Arrow
  • I listen for shows like Morning Edition, ATC, TED Radio Hour, RadioLab (excellent show), BBC, Diane Rehm, Fresh Air, CC of California, This American Life, etc, etc... Shows I can do without: Swing on This, Big Band Saturday Night, Selected Shorts, Folk Sampler, and (yes) Prairie Home Companion (its as stale as last month's bread.) Rich Fisher is doing a bang up job with Studio Tulsa... Change the name and I wouldn't be surprised to see the show go national! I'm an employee of Baker Hughes INC, they DO have an employer match program... I will print and send the signed form. - Inola
  • Cedar Farm Loves NPR in Tulsa!! (Cedar Farm is a grass-based, sustainable, small farm located just outside Tulsa, OK) - Sand Springs
  • Please make this contribution in honor of Rich Fisher. We are both daily listeners. Thank you! - Tulsa
  • I absolutely adore Public Radio Tulsa. There are so many wonderful things about this station. A few small nuggets I appreciate are the traffic report in the morning, and the coverage of local and state level stories that are missing or sensationalized on other news sources. - Broken Arrow
  • I love your Classical Music station. Thank you! Thank you! - Tulsa
  • Tulsa Public Radio is my go-to whenever I'm in the car or near a radio. Morning Edition; Fresh Air; Radio Lab; All Things Considered; Marketplace Money; Here and Now; Writer's Almanac; This American Life; Snap Judgment; Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me -- I love them all! I start FAR too many sentences with, "I heard on NPR that . . . ." :) - Tulsa
  • Split between 88.7 and 89.5; we love both of them and are addicted.  DR Show is supreme. - Tulsa
  • I listen to KWGS from the time I get up in the morning until sometime in the evening when I switch over to reading or a movie. Sometimes it is just background noise while I'm working but often I have to stop what I'm doing to listen to something interesting. I really miss Talk of the Nation, especially on Wednesday. I always loved the Wednesday lineup that took me from an interesting interview from the Commonwealth Club followed by interesting political commentary with Ken Rudin. The new program that took its place is not nearly as good. Oh well. I enjoy your choices of programming very much, especially Diane Rehm in the mornings and two chances to hear Wait Wait on the weekends!  - Proctor
  • I couldn't possibly afford to pay what NPR is worth to me, but here is my pittance.  I really appreciate the upgrade to the tower.  Reception down here in Wilburton/McAlester is iffy, but that did make a positive difference. - Wilburton
  • Glad the Spring 2014 drive has NPR Logo items. : )  Fall 2013 drive had none.  : ( - Broken Arrow
  • Long-time listener, first time contributor. Thank you for your service. - Tulsa
  • I love listening to NPR whenever I'm driving - and sometimes I'll have to keep listening once I get to my destination to finish a great story! - Tulsa
  • Keep up the good work.  Especially enjoy Studio Tulsa at 11:30am - Sand Springs
  • 88.7 on the way to work & on the way home - nothing's better! - Jenks
  • Would love to hear "Performance Today" earlier during the work day. - Sand Springs
  • Would love to give more, but times are still a little lean. Enjoy the morning show with local news by John Durke, et al, Love Performance Today, and have an especially fond place in my heart for Big Band Saturday Night. Alan Lambert keeps the show very fresh! John Wooley's and Scott Gregory's shows are great bookends. - Tulsa
  • 88.7 makes Tulsa livable. I would have to move if it goes off the air. - Tulsa
  • Please don't let corporate money influence you too much.  You are the only station where I can get real new and informative information. - Sapulpa
  • I listen all the time and have for years. I am able to help this year. - Tulsa
  • I drive two hours a day for my commute. Public radio keeps me informed and up to date. I love the stories about science and personal interest. Keep those coming! - Tulsa
  • Thank you for all of the laughs, music and information. - Tahlequah
  • Love the science features and in depth news reporting. - Bixby
  • Excellent programming and insightful interviews on Studio Tulsa by Mr. Fisher. Keep asking the great questions. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for your hard work and for hosting Pack 14 Cub Scouts.  - Sand Springs
  • Here and Now is terrible! Please bring a different show more like TOTN, such as Radio Times or Tom Ashbrook. Diane Rehm needs to retire, give show to Susan Page; she is great. - Tulsa
  • You're AWESOME! Thank you!! - Weleetka
  • All This Jazz and Studio Tulsa are my favorites in that order! Thank you. - Tulsa
  • Love the second Wait Wait broadcast on Sunday evenings!  - Tulsa
  • Love the science features and in depth news reporting - Bixby
  • I dislike the rotating weekday noon shows. - Tulsa
  • How about less BBC and more CBC? - Tulsa
  • I love the Dianne Rehm Show!  Also enjoy Garrison Keeler and the Car Guys.  I am more of a news listener.  Thank you for your great programming. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for keeping me informed and sane in this very RED state called OK. - Tulsa