School Security Institute, Mental Health Training Among Recommendations of Security Commission

Mar 5, 2013

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb
Credit KWGS News File Photo

Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb’s Commission on School Security issues its policy recommendations.

The first is the creation of Oklahoma School Security Institute, under the Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security.

“It’ll be a resource center of best practices,” Lamb said, “working with school districts, personnel, school boards and others to continue the conversation about school security, and making sure our students are very well protected.”

The second is to establish a Mental Health First Aid Training pilot program.

“Mental health is a large component of large-scale school violence,” Lamb said. “Mental health needed to be addressed, so this pilot program we think could assist in that manner.”

It would be a two-pronged program, offering both certification and training of trainers.

The third and fourth, to amend state law to require safety drills, and to require the reporting of firearms found on school property to local law enforcement, would standardize drill requirements and reporting procedures across the states.

The last recommendation is to establish an anonymous school security tip line.

The Commission had a deadline of March to produce the recommendations, so that legislation enacting them could be introduced this session.