School District Statement

Tulsa, Ok – Tulsa Public Schools is aware of a police investigation involving a TPS employee at Skelly Elementary School. District administrators and other staff have been fully cooperative with Tulsa police in that ongoing investigation. TPS will continue to cooperate in the investigation as required and allowed by law.

On April 27, a search warrant was served by the Tulsa Police Department at Skelly Elementary School. Based on the fact that a search warrant must be approved upon probable cause by a judge, the district immediately suspended the employee who appeared to be the target of the search warrant. As required by law, the employee was suspended with pay and benefits pending final disposition of all employment issues. Such action is necessary to protect both the alleged victim and the employee and to prevent unnecessary disruption of the learning environment.

At this point, because there are ongoing criminal and employment investigations involving confidential information with regard to a student and an employee, Tulsa Public Schools will not release any documents, e-mails or correspondence as to this matter as those items are privileged and protected by law. No further comment will be made by the district at this time with regard to this matter.

Tulsa Public Schools reiterates its obligation to protect all children. The district and its employees will cooperate in any way possible to assure that justice is achieved to protect children as well as to protect the rights of all employees.