Scammers Likely To Follow Moore Disaster

May 22, 2013

Field investigators are on the watch for fraud and price gouging in the areas hit by tornadoes.

Diane Clay in the Oklahoma Attorney General Office says to watch out for “travelers” who try and take advantage of storms victims with services like tree trimming. Travelers ask for cash up front, then disappear.

Clay says, “They are very hard to find because most of the time they don’t live within the state where they are trying to commit the fraud … and they almost never give their real name.”

Clay says be careful who you hire.

She also recommends “sticking with the charities that are already established … the Salvation Army or some of the charities related to churches in Oklahoma.” She also recommends Red Cross.

More than 30 investigators from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office are in the Moore area looking for scammers.

Clay asks that if anyone notices price gouging, call (405) 521-2029 to report it.