Sally Kern offers Apology

Oklahoma City, OK – Okla. legislator slights blacks, women in debate

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) An Oklahoma legislator disparaged blacks and women during a House debate on an affirmative action bill, and the NAACP is asking that she give up her seat.

State Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma City apologized Thursday after questioning whether there were disproportionately high numbers of blacks in prison because "they didn't want to work hard in school." Kern also said women don't work as hard as men because they "tend to think a little bit more about their families."

The Republican legislator says she "misspoke."

The president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Oklahoma says he does not accept the apology. Anthony Douglas says Kern should resign.

In 2008, Kern drew criticism after saying gay people posed a greater threat to the country than terrorists.