Roadway Now Open After Morning Crash

A Highway Patrol cruiser on I-244
Credit KWGS News File Photo

Renae Powers-KWGS News

A truck carrying crude oil overturns and causes two ramps on the downtown Tulsa’s Inner Dispersal Loop to shut down. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said that Interstate 244 and the U.S. Highway 64/U.S. Highway 412 ramps to northbound Tisdale Parkway were closed.

The truck’s owner was ticketed for faulty equipment due to several of the tires on the truck and trailer being completely bald. The driver was also cited for speeding.

The Tulsa Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials team was called to the scene. Firefighters contained the oil with dirt dams. Fire officials say the tanker was carrying 8,000 gallons of oil at the time. It took six hours to clean up the mess.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol LT. George Brown says the driver was taken to the OSU Medical Center and is in stable condition.