Ridesharing Service Uber Launches in Tulsa

Mar 27, 2014

Credit Uber

Tulsa joins nearly 90 markets worldwide covered by ridesharing service Uber.

Download Uber's Android or iPhone app, and a ride is a few taps away. The app connects riders with background checked, fully insured independent drivers. Uber Oklahoma General Manager Pooneer Kant said the company saw potential here.

"Tulsa's a growing city, it's a vibrant city, there's a lot of redevelopment going on, there's a lot of young professional activity going on, and so I think that people will really be surprised at how great this is as an alternative transportation option," Kant said.

Tulsa has UberX, the company's low-fare option. Since the app takes a credit card number, no cash is involved.

Tulsa's Young Professionals played a role in attracting the company with their "Bring It to Tulsa" campaign. TYPros Chair Isaac Rocha said members want multiple transportation options.

"Having Uber invest in Tulsa is definitely a game-changer for our community, but we definitely want to see rail, we want to see bus, we want to see multiple modes of transportation," Rocha said. "This is just adding to the diversity of those choices for Millenials."

Uber drivers must have a four-door vehicle less than 10 years old.