Revitalization Group Courting Food Trucks for Tulsa's West Side

Mar 21, 2014

Revitalization group Route 66 Main Street wants to attract food trucks to the Westside Farmers Market.
Credit Route 66 Main Street

Organizers of the Westside Farmers Market want to bring food trucks to the Thursday event.

Dianne Bileck is the executive director of Route 66 Main Street, a group working to revitalize Tulsa’s Southwest Boulevard corridor. She said the area has potential.

"We have a very large lot that's located at 25th [Street] and Southwest Boulevard, just across from ONB Community Bank, and we have enough space that we can have food vendors out here at various different times during the week," Bileck said. "We're going to start with the farmers market and add those food trucks to that."

An invitation for food trucks went out in Route 66 Main Street's RedFork Revival newsletter. Bileck said the invitation was due to high public demand, but she hopes vendors will want to stick around the west side of the city.

"We have a lot of traffic here," Bileck said. "We have a lot of industry over here, and hopefully people will see what kind of economic development is possible over on the west side of Tulsa."

Route 66 Main Street plans to help interested food trucks with marketing, including within nearby businesses and on social media. Bileck also said the group keeps an inventory of available buildings in case any vendors are interested in establishing a storefront.

The farmers market runs from May through September.