Revisiting America's World's Fairs, from 1853 to 1982.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we talk about a great new exhibit at the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville concerning the World's Fairs that have happened in America over the years --- those much-hyped, avidly-attended international expositions that introduced or else popularized such commodities as electricity and telephones, hot dogs and hamburgers, typewriters and nylon stockings, Wonder Bread and Juicy Fruit. The exhibit is called "Centuries of Progress: American World's Fairs, 1853-1982," and it just opened last Friday. Our guest on StudioTulsa today is the curator of this show, Dr. Theresa Snyder; she works at the Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware. At 6:30pm tomorrow, May 12th, she'll appear at the Price Tower Arts Center for a lecture on this exhibit. At that event, she will present her research concerning more than 125 years' worth of World's Fair memorabilia and documents, and will also conduct a short gallery tour of the show. (For more details, visit