Republicans Vying for Coburn's Senate Seat Take Questions in Forum

Jun 10, 2014

Kevin Crow (left), Andy Craig, T.W. Shannon, Brenda Tiemann, Jerry Buchanan, Cindy Lankford, Randy Brogdon, Eric McCray and Connie Ullman (in red) recite the Pledge of Allegiance Tuesday before the Republican Women of Tulsa County's candidate forum.
Credit Matt Trotter / KWGS

The Republican Women of Tulsa County hosted a forum today with candidates for Tom Coburn’s Senate seat.

Six of the seven candidates participated in the forum in South Tulsa. Eric McCray, Randy Brogdon, James Lankford, T.W. Shannon, Andy Craig and Kevin Crow answered the same questions and hit many of the same points, especially on immigration.

"We need to secure the border," McCray said.

"Let's get back to the merit system to bring legals in here," Brogdon said.

"We have to make clear we will not allow amnesty," Lankford said.

"This is a national security issue," Shannon said.

"The current laws are not being enforced because the administration does not want them enforced," Craig said.

"We have the monies. We can build a fence along the border," Crow said.

The primary is likely a race between Shannon and Lankford. When asked how they’d build relationships to get things done in Washington, Lankford hinted more at bipartisanship.

"It's honoring people and standing up for our Christ-like values and working when the cameras are off, doing the real work to be able to resolve the issues, regardless of the party," Lankford said.

"We're right on life ... we're right on guns ... but it's not enough just to be right," Shannon said. "We need leaders that can go out and convince other people why we're right on the issues."

Lankford called in from Washington, D.C. Jason Weger didn’t participate. The primary is June 24.