Republican Lawmaker Would Like Governor to Reconsider Health Expansion

Jan 15, 2013

The Governor of Arizona has changed her position on expanding Medicaid in her state under the Affordable Health Care Act. Republican Jan Brewer has decided to accept the federal expansion.

Here is Oklahoma, our Republican Governor has said ‘no’. But, the pressure is mounting for her to reconsider. At Grand Lake, taking care of flu victims in the Emergency Room at Grove, is Doctor Doug Cox. He is also a Republican State Representative. He would like to see Governor Fallin change her mind.

He says Oklahoma’s present Medicaid system is not broken and does provide coverage to many people in need, but this would make that healthcare available to more people.

State lawmakers have discussed going it alone and expanding the Insure Oklahoma program. Cox says that would be nice, but there are several things in the way, including the federal government approving the plan.