Remodel of Tulsa Courthouse Jury Assembly Room to Begin

May 6, 2013

Work is set to begin on upgrading jury assembly room area
Credit KWGS News

Bids are opened for a remodel of the jury assembly room at the Tulsa County Courthouse. It’s the next step now that security entrances have been upgraded. The room where potential jurors assemble in the basement of the courthouse is too small and crowded for today’s needs. Mark Liotta is County Commission Chief Deputy, and he says sometimes potential jurors spend 3,4, or 5 days waiting in the cramped area to be called for a trial.

In addition to more room, the area will be made more accessible for the disabled, restrooms will be enlarged and upgraded, and charging stations for i-pads, i-phones, and other electronic devices are being installed. Money for the improvements comes from the 4-to-fix county fund.