Recession has One Business Booming

Tulsa, OK – At a time when many retail outlets, not only here, but across the nation are struggling this one is booming. Not only is business good but so is the cause.

This is Goodwill Thrift Store on Southwest Blvd. in Tulsa. Because of the recession Goodwill is attracting more customers. Across the nation Goodwill sales are up nearly six percent. The Tulsa District's nine stores are surpassing that.

The outlets do not look like what you would expect a thrift store to look like. The aisles are wide, the store is clean and soft music is playing in the background. It is arranged much like any other department store. In fact, the Southwest Blvd. facility used to be just that. Back in the 1970s this was the Stockton's Discount Center.

There is more to this thrift store than just deep discount. It is a training facility for those displaced or facing job barriers.

Norma Scott is among those taking part in job retraining. She is updating her computer skills so she can seek employment as an administrative assistant.