Reception Problems Continue

Public Radio Tulsa – The last ice and snow storm damaged KWGS/KWTU's antenna beyond repair. Both stations are running at greatly reduced power until a replacement antenna can be constructed and mounted on our tower in Coweta. If you're having difficulty receiving Public Radio 89.5 or Classical 88.7, especially the HD2 and HD3 channels, a temporary change in location of your radio or radio's antenna might be necessary.

You'll likely receive more interference while driving when listening to Public Radio 89.5 and Classical 88.7. Listeners in our extended signal area in Bartlesville, Tahlequah, Henryetta, or Stroud will likely have difficulty receiving signals until the antenna is replaced. HD Radio listeners throughout our coverage area may have problems because HD Radio broadcasts with 1/100 of the power of conventional analog signals. Moving your radio around in the room may help.

Remember that you can listen online through your computer or smartphone. Click here for the computer listening link or download the Public Radio app for your iPhone here.