The Recent Documentary Film "Gasland" --- Arguments Pro and Con

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today on StudioTulsa, we're discussing (or, actually, debating) an award-winning yet controversial new documentary film called "Gasland." This film --- which will air on HBO though 2012, and which was awarded (among other honors) a Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival --- was screened last night (Wednesday the 21st) at the Circle Cinema as part of a new, free-to-the-public film series presented by the University of Tulsa's National Energy Policy Institute (or NEPI). This series is meant to complement NEPI's energy research and conference programs. Along with the screening last night, there was a Q&A session featuring a panel of experts who were either "for" or "against" the points/arguments made in this film. On our show today, two of the panelists from last night's event: Jeff Fox (the filmmaker who created "Gasland") and Greg Staple (the CEO of the American Clean Skies Foundation, which advocates for greater use of natural gas and clean-energy technologies). For more information, consult the following websites: [], [], [], and [].