Public Radio Tulsa General Manager Rich Fisher Asks For Your Help

Apr 16, 2012

Dear Friend,

Many thanks for your continued support of Public Radio Tulsa. When I became manager back in 1999, I set out five major goals for public radio in Tulsa. The first was to replace our physical plant. We had a transmitter that was as old as me, and went off-the-air at the drop of a hat. Thanks to you and a few very generous donors, within a couple of years we were able to make our broadcasting facilities state of the art.

The second was to restore classical music to the airwaves. After years of negotiations with the FCC and other parties, we signed-on KWTU in 2004. We accomplished a third goal as we switched both stations to HD Radio, with four additional program channels. A fourth goal was accomplished just a couple of years ago, when we returned local news to the KWGS airwaves, thanks to the George Kaiser Family Foundation. And just last month, we have completed the final goal, a revamped website - one that gives you essential information, access to live streamed concerts, on-demand audio, with other features in the works that were unimaginable back in 1999.

While we are excited about reaching these milestones, we’re already planning ways to increase our service to you. If you have ideas about ways that Public Radio Tulsa can become an even more significant community institution, I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

We have done all of this thanks to your considerable generosity and support. Over the next few weeks, we are reminding you of how critical listener support is to your favorite programs, and your public radio station. As a special thank you, Philbrook Museum has once again partnered with us to offer a special evening at the museum this summer for donors at the $120 and above level. And all listeners are invited to participate in the This American Life digital cinema event at The Cinemark Tulsa May 10th.

So, whether you’re tuning in to public radio to receive the latest in-depth, reasoned, and unbiased news and information or enjoying the timeless beauty of classical music, or enjoying our other HD offerings, you depend on Public Radio Tulsa to be here to serve you. If you do, and are financially able, please make a gift to support the station this spring with your tax-deductible donation. Our on-air spring fund drive is scheduled for April 21-27 and our goal is $200,000, which is half of our yearly programming fees. Your online contribution now or a check in the mail reduces the amount of time spent fundraising on-air, and your gift will repay you throughout the year with programming that will keep you informed with all of the important issues of the day, or offer a high quality musical experience to transport you far away. 


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