PSO Making Progress in Power Outages

Jul 25, 2013

Out of area power crews stage at Expo Square to help restore power in Tulsa.

  5:30AM UPDATE: Outages Friday morning placed at 26,000.

6PM UPDATE: Outages now at 34,000

2:30PM UPDATE: 45,000 still off line in Tulsa County. PSO says restoration is ahead of schedule. Work should be finished by Saturday evening.

The recent storm is keeping PSO busy. Severals calls in-state and out-of-state were made by PSO due to the high number of power outages.

PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford says half of the customers were restored with power in the first 24 hours before out-of-state help arrived. Now, they are receiving assistance.

Stan Whiteford: "A lot of out of town resources that we called did come in. We probably called for about 1,000 additional workers, and probably 60% have already shown up and are already working."

He says calling for help was an easy decision because the storm came so quickly.

Stan Whiteford: "At that time, just from the sheer number of outages and the concentration of them all here in the metro area, that we would need more than just out regular contingent of Tulsa workers. So, as the first thing, we got some additional PSO employees from other parts of the state.

Whiteford says among help from those in Oklahoma, PSO is also receiving help from contractors in eight other states to get the power restored for neighborhoods.