PROFILE: Streetman for Mayor

Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Realtor Norris Streetman, Streetman Realty, to seek Mayors post.

Republican Norris Streetman, of Streetman Realty is announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Tulsa.

Streetman set the press conference to formally announce his entry in the mayoral race in the neighborhood where a fourteen year old youth, was recently slain in a drive by shooting.

Key issues in Streetman's platform are: stopping the rise of crime, for the destiny of our children, overseeing the success of the new street construction, repair of badly damaged thoroughfares, and development of funding for new and current businesses through private enterprises, where a tremendous number of new workforces can be realized.

"We have lost our identity" Streetman said, " No longer are we considered the Oil Capital of the World'. With many civic and non-profit organizations falling prey to financial controversy, it is time to revitalize the creative spirit which brought Tulsa to the forefront of the world. I envision that Tulsa will be the' destination point again because of our creative thinking and determination. I see Tulsa as the Creative Capital of the World'; where true entrepreneurial spirit has always been. Further, I will have an open door' policy. I will meet with the citizens in their neighborhoods and businesses; it is where the people are that matters, not City Hall. Somehow our city leaders have failed to listen and be accountable for the public trust. It is time to hold our civic leadership responsible for a job well done'; or time to replace them. It is the government of the people, not big government' that I stand for. I will work with you and for you and together we will triumph."