Prize Claimed

Oklahoma City, OK – Trust claims November Powerball jackpot

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The Oklahoma Lottery says the $32 million winning Powerball ticket from Nov. 21 has been claimed.

The End of the Rainbow Trust is the beneficiary, and Oklahoma City attorney Richard Craig serving as the trustee.

The trust requested the lump-sum payment and will receive $11.8 million after taxes.

The winning jackpot ticket was sold at a Kwik Chek store in Kiowa.

The End of the Rainbow Trust is the fourth Powerball jackpot winner in Oklahoma since the launch of Powerball in January 2006.

Other jackpot winners include the Zorro Trust from July 2008 winning $85 million, Don and Joyce Harvey from June 2007 winning $105.8 million and WJW Investment Trust from June 2006 winning $101.8 million.


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