Power to the "People" on the Next All This Jazz

Jan 4, 2013

"The People, Yes," wrote Carl Sandburg, the American man of letters, in a book-length poem by that title.

Or as The Stylistics --- the killer Philly Soul and R&B group of the 1970s and beyond --- used to sing: "People Make the World Go Round."

Or as the composer and pianist Frederic Rzewski has it, borrowing from the internationally known protest song by Sergio Ortega: "The People United Will Never Be Defeated!"

Right on, folks. "People" will be the second-hour theme for the next edition of All This Jazz...beginning on Saturday the 5th at 10pm Central on 89.5 FM, unless mandatory technical adjustments/improvements have forced us to go off the air. (But our show will nevertheless be accessible online, at publicradiotulsa.org, by way of a live "stream" that will occur regardless of the strength --- or weakness --- of our broadcast radio signal.) Listen for tunes in the latter half of our ten-till-midnight jazz excursion along the lines of "People Will Say We're in Love" and "Here's to the People" and, well, "People."

This will actually be a re-airing of an All This Jazz that was originally heard in July of 2011; it's a wall-to-wall terrific program, with excellent modern/recent jazz from the likes of Jim Hall, Dave Douglas, Kendra Shank, Jim Snidero, Cannonball Adderley, Milt Jackson, and Wallace Roney.

Join us.