Police Will Now Respond to Non-Injury Crashes

Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Police will respond again to non-injury crashes. The department made the announcement in a news release, saying after an evaluation it has been determined that the department does have the man-power to respond. The cut back in service was announced after over 100-police officers were laid off earlier this month.

Below is the department's news release:

Due to police layoffs, a temporary change in collision response was made on February 4, 2010, until a manpower re-distribution and re-structuring of the Department could be evaluated. Since that time, the Police Department has reviewed 911 call priorities and the decision of diverting non-injury collision calls to alternative reporting methods. Effective immediately, Tulsa Police will respond to all collisions on public roadways in the Tulsa City limits. Some collisions on Private Property, i.e. shopping center parking lots, will be referred to alternative reporting (Operator Collision forms at local convenience stores and online). We would like to thank the citizens of Tulsa for their patience and support during these difficult times. Additionally, we appreciate the Tulsa County Sheriff's office for volunteering to be on standby during that time of transition. Tulsa Police Media Relations