Police Service Cut-Backs

Tulsa, OK – Due to the recent reductions in staffing, the Tulsa Police Department has
been forced to evaluate ways to maintain the staffing levels in order to
respond to priority 911 calls. As a result, the department has temporarily
suspended responding to certain property crimes and report calls.

Officers will not respond to non-injury collisions, fraud and forgery reports,
burglary from vehicle reports, larceny reports and other minor property
crime reports. The exception to this new policy will be a non-injury collision
involving an intoxicated driver, or a non-injury collision involving a
disturbance or other crime. Officers will respond to calls for service if the
crime is in progress or if a suspect is still at the location.

While we understand that this may not be a popular decision, it is important
to continue to have adequate manpower to respond to higher priority calls
and crimes against a person. This change will be revisited as the department
recovers form these difficult times.

Crime Reports can be filed electronically at the Tulsa Police Department
website www.tulsapolice.org or call the Non-emergency number at 5969222
for other reporting options.