Police Lay Offs

Stillwater, OK – 2 Stillwater police officers to be laid off

STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) Stillwater's council has accepted a plan to lay off two police officers in the Payne County town.

The council unanimously approved the measure Monday, saying the layoffs are needed to help close a budget gap the city says was created when an arbitration panel ruled in the police union's favor in a contract dispute.

The Stillwater News Press reports that the Fraternal Order of Police likely will have to choose which two of the four officers hired most recently on the same day will be laid off.

FOP attorney James Moore says the city has funds to cover the police contract without laying off officers and the layoffs appear to be retaliation by the city.

Police Chief Norman McNickle says other officers will be reassigned to cover emergency calls but the move will not require removing school resources officers.


Information from: Stillwater News Press, http://www.stwnewspress.com