Police Corruption Probe

Tulsa, OK – Okla officer accused of corruption testifies

TULSA, Okla. (AP) A Tulsa police officer accused of corruption has taken the witness stand.

Nick DeBruin on Wednesday denied that he took $1,000 during a 2009 drug sting at a Tulsa motel.

DeBruin, officer Bruce Bonham and retired Cpl. Harold Wells are accused of conspiracy, drug possession with intent to distribute and planting drugs on people. They have pleaded not guilty.

In a video of the bust, DeBruin appears to place money in his pocket that he later turned into evidence for a drug dog to sniff. DeBruin said officers commonly do that for canine officers.

He said he tried putting the money in his pockets that day but his handcuffs were in the way, so he handed it to another officer.

DeBruin later retrieved the money to take to the dog.