Police Announce New Policy

Tulsa, Okla. – Police officers proven to have been untruthful during any official investigation will now face only one form of punishment: termination.

Interim Police Chief Chuck Jordan announced the new policy this morning in a statement with Mayor Bartlett and Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police President Phil Evans. The new policy extends the Tulsa Police Department's Rule 6 "Duty to be Truthful and Obedient."

Previously, dishonesty could result in a variety of penalties. Now, termination will be the "presumptive disciplinary action, consistent with just cause principles," according to the new order.

"There is no thin blue line," Jordan said, "that protects one cop from another cop, or from investigation. That's not acceptable in our police department, and I hope our community knows that.

The announcement comes in response to the ongoing federal investigation into police corruption in Tulsa. Five current and former officers were indicted Tuesday.

Four of the indicted have now been suspended without pay, Jordan said.

"We're beginning the process of taking steps to make certain that whatever might happen in the future will certainly not be of the effect we've seen so far," Mayor Bartlett said. "This is simply not the way to do business in the City of Tulsa, and it is not tolerated."