Playwright Cody Daigle Offers "Tulsa! A Radio Christmas Spectacular"

Dec 3, 2013

Our guest on this installment of ST is Cody Daigle, the resident playwright with Playhouse Tulsa. Originally from Louisiana and now based here in T-Town, Daigle is a witty and engaging actor/director/playwright who's had his plays produced in New Orleans, North Carolina, NYC, Iowa, and elsewhere. His newest play is a musical comedy called "Tulsa! A Radio Christmas Spectacular," and it will be staged at the Tulsa PAC by Playhouse Tulsa --- with original songs by the outstanding Tulsa songbird Rebecca Ungerman --- on Thursday the 5th through Sunday the 8th. And as we read of this show at the Playhouse Tulsa website: "It's Christmas Eve 1949. KMOK, Tulsa's fourth-most-popular radio station, is preparing for just another Christmas when they learn they are about to lose their one and only sponsor! Panic ensues...but the station's plucky new intern, Kate (played by Grace Stump), has an idea for a 'Radio Christmas Spectacular' --- and she has coaxed Edith Montclair (played by Rebecca Ungerman), a famous Broadway actress, to headline the show. But when Edith is incapacitated (maybe by accident, maybe on purpose by her old friend, Barb, the station's resident leading actress, played by Janet Rutland), the KMOK staff has to somehow pull off a Christmas miracle...." (You can access further details on this show, including show times and ticket sales and so on, at this link, and you can read Daigle's blog here.)