Phone Thieves at Large in Tulsa

Oct 18, 2012

Tulsa police are asking for your help catching cell phone thieves.

They have hit four area phone stores in the past few weeks.

Tulsa Police spokesman Officer Leland Ashley said, “They know what they’re targeting.”

He says they’re breaking in through the glass doors.

“Within a minute or two if not less,” he said, “they’ve grabbed the cell phones, and they’re on their way out.”

He says they’ve taken about 20 or 30 phones at each store and that they’re likely selling the phones on the street for a fraction of their store value.

Ashley says the way these kinds of crimes are usually solved is by a CrimeStoppers tip, and he asks anyone with information to call.

“There’s a possibility someone’s legitimate, selling their phone, so you always have to think about that also,” he said. “There’s not a crime for if I decide I want to sell my smartphone.”

“But if you see someone who appears to have numerous cell phones and is selling them,” he said, “please give us a call.”

That number is (918) 596-COPS, or 596-2677.