Philbrook Will Soon Host a Creativity Summit

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we hear about a Creativity Summit that will soon be presented by the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture at OU-Tulsa. The day-long event will happen on Wednesday, July 27th, at the Philbrook Museum of Art. It's clear to anyone who lives or works here that Tulsa is today experiencing a dramatic and community-wide creative resurgence. New and inspired things are happening here: new works, new ideas, new buildings, new facilities, new growth. But how might we (as citizens from all corners of the community) best harness this creative energy? Such is the key question of the forthcoming Creativity Summit, according to Professor Roger Randle, who is presenting this event, and who directs the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture --- and who's the first of our three guests on today's ST. We're also joined by a pair of community leaders who are now overseeing the construction of two distinct yet thematically related public-friendly facilities that will aim to foster creativity in our community. These two additional guests are Ken Busby (who's the executive director of the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa) and Matt Norris (who heads the board of Fab Lab Tulsa). For more information about the Creativity Summit, including registration details, please go to