Perpetual Beta: Ask Me Another

Aug 15, 2012

Do you like Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me? Then we think you'll enjoy Ask Me Another, a brand-new program from NPR, part of our Perpetual Beta series.

Perpetual Beta programs are heard at noon Thursdays on Public Radio 89.5-1.

The buzz around the live recordings for Ask Me Another has been really amazing. Each of the weekly recordings is sold out for the next six weeks, including two DC recordings that sold out in less than 40 minutes. Time Out New York just named Ask Me Another one of the "five best events" in New York calling it "highly giggle-inducing." Wired magazine thinks that it's the "Geekiest Thing on Radio." The New York Times shares insights into the program and NPR's Perpetual Beta series.

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Here are descriptions of some of the programs in this limited 13-week series:

The Man Who Knew Too Much -- Way Too Much.

So you think you're a TV buff. But how well do you know shows by their episode titles? Contestants are put to some pop culture challenges, like deciphering breakfast cereal haikus and a remixed nursery rhyme. Plus, our Mystery Guest this week is a certain brainiac who shares a few of his favorite apocalyptic prophesies. 

What Not To Wear... On The Radio

What do you get when you throw Leonard Bernstein, a 19th-century murderer, and the CEO of Goldman Sachs in a room together? Perhaps the best R.E.M. song ever. In this hour, contestants create horrific hybrids like Dr. Moreau, rewrite some outdated Cole Porter lyrics, and join this week's Mystery Guest to evaluate their own signature flourish. 

They Had Me At Hello

"Radio is a sound salvation," sang Elvis Costello, and it's also the theme of Jonathan Coulton's euphonious music quiz. Fitting that the Mystery Guest is a Broadway superstar. Plus, mutated movie titles, a double name game, and an etiquette test from the 1960s. Got a light? 

The Masters of the Internet 

What if horror film characters ran personal ads on dating sites, and musicians wrote songs like... "Wake Up, Little Herman"? Our puzzle gurus imagine such a world, while our Mystery Guest, a 21st-century political darling, tells us what makes America sexy, and shows us that the good life is but a tweet away.