Patrons Ask "Why The West Side?"

Apr 19, 2017

Park Elementary is one of those targeted for closing
Credit TPS

Ever since the Tulsa School Administration announced it was considering closing three west side schools, patrons have been asking “why the west side?”

Last night, they got an answer. The three schools are Park and Remington Elementary and the Porter Early Childhood Development Center. The district told the patrons the schools have the lowest enrollments in the Tulsa District.

Under the plan, elementary students will be shifted to what is now the Clinton Middle School. Clinton students would be shifted to Webster, which will become a Junior and Senior High.

Some patrons have also voiced concern about mixing 12-year-olds with 18-year-olds at Webster.

The school district is taking this, and other action, in order to save $12 million. The cash is being cut from the district because of the state’s cash crisis.