The Past, Present, and Future of Tulsa Parks

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Last week, the first Master Plan to appear in 30 years for the now-100-years-old Tulsa Parks system was announced. On our show today, Bob Hendrick of the Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department drops by to tell us all about what this new Master Plan entails. Basically, as Hendrick explains, the plan looks at how best to use minimum tax dollars while maximizing services and amenities for Tulsa's park-going citizens. (The city has more than 135 parks --- not including the RiverParks system or those parks over seen by Tulsa County.) Hendrick also states that, as a result of this new Master Plan, volunteers from throughout Tulsa are now being sought to serve on recently-created committees that will actively support the Tulsa Park system. These committees include finance, marketing, facilities, trials, and programs. For more information, be sure to visit Or you can simply call 918-596-2488.