Parker Trial Update

Mangum, OK – Jurors excused from panel in warden's wife's trial

MANGUM, Okla. (AP) The prospective jury pool in the trial of a former prison warden's wife accused of helping an inmate she fell in love with escape is back down to 18.

Defense attorney Garvin Isaacs says four prospective jurors were excused from the panel Wednesday. Attorneys chose two others, bringing the total back to 18.

Bobbi Parker is accused of helping convicted killer Randolph Dial escape from the Oklahoma State Reformatory in 1994. Prosecutors allege she ran away with him, but defense attorneys say Dial kidnapped Parker and held her hostage until she was rescued in 2005 at a Texas chicken ranch.

Parker has pleaded not guilty.

Attorneys want to select 22 prospective jurors from which the final 12-member jury will be chosen. Isaacs says attorneys also will select four alternate jurors.

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