Panhandle White Out

Tulsa, OK – Okla. Panhandle starts to dig out after snow storm

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Residents of the Oklahoma Panhandle are digging out following an early winter storm that dropped more than a foot of snow and closed roads throughout the region.

But at least 40 people were stranded at the Longhorn Motel on Main Street in Boise City Tuesday. Manager Pedro Segovia said blowing snow had created drifts two and three feet high and closed the main road through the Cimarron County city.

Segovia says some residents can't get out of their houses because of the snow. He says the snow was blowing at times and left big piles.

Snowfall in the far western Panhandle ended Tuesday morning. But Segovia says it will be some time before his guests can travel to their destinations.

He says the motel has been full since Monday evening.

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