Panel OKs Lifting Ban on Horse Slaughter

Mar 19, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A state Senate committee has unanimously approved a bill that opens the way for a horse slaughtering facility in Oklahoma.

The Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee on Monday voted 9-0 in favor of the bill by Bristow Republican Representative Skye McNiel. It would end Oklahoma's 50-year ban on the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Under the bill, the sale of horse meat still would be illegal in Oklahoma, but the export for sale in other countries would be allowed.

Supporters say it would provide a humane option for unwanted, aging horses in Oklahoma. Animal rights groups have fiercely opposed the measure and to a similar bill pending in the House.

House sponsor Sky McNiel
Credit State of Oklahoma-File photo

McNiel's bill now heads to the full Senate for consideration.