Our Energy Future

Tulsa, OK – Last week, we told you about a congressional hearing that was held here in Tulsa dealing with the federal energy policy. It was hosted by Congresswoman Mary Fallin and chaired by Pennsylvania Democrat Jason Altmire. This morning, we hear from Tulsa's Congressman John Sullivan. He favors a revision of the nation's energy policy.

Behind health care reform, Sullivan says this is one of the biggest issues facing the nation. The congressman says we need more natural gas vehicles. He says the House took a step forward with the passage of legislation he drafted.

But, the Republican says we have few natural gas vehicles in the United States. He calls natural gas the bridge fuel of the future and Oklahoma stands to gain. The congressman says Natural gas vehicles will be better for the environment.

While Sullivan's bill has passed in the house, it is hung up in the U-S Senate, where it must be approved and then signed by the president before becoming law.