Osage Update Drilling Regulations

Apr 4, 2013

An oil leak near Skiatook Lake is an example of an incident of what landowners say are unsafe practices in the county.
Credit Courtesy OCCA

The Osage Negotiated Rulemaking Committee finishes up revisions to its oil and gas regulations. Jeff Henry with the Osage County Cattlemen’s Association says the results are disappointing.

“The net effect is nothing really got changed,” he said. “There were a couple changes that were included that we consider to be somewhat minor.”

The Cattlemen’s Association is advocating for updates to the rules that would bring them into alignment with all other counties in Oklahoma.

“We’re looking for all-encompassing environmental type regulations to help protect our land, surface, water and effectively public health,” he said.

The landowners report numerous unsafe drilling sites on their land.

The Osage Nation owns all mineral rights in the county, which means drilling rules are different from the rest of the state, which is regulated by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.