Opposition to SQ 744

Sand Springs, OK – The state workers union is coming out against state question 744. The measure would require Oklahoma to fund education at the regional average.

Oklahoma Public Employees Association Director Sterling Zearly says that money will come from other state services such as juvenile affairs. Zearly and members of the One Oklahoma Coalition held a news conference outside the Rader Center at Sand Springs. Rader has been targeted for closing.

The Oklahoma Education Association is backing the plan, saying it would bring dramatic increases into Oklahoma education.

Opponents of SQ 744 fear budget cuts SAND SPRINGS, Okla. (AP) Opponents of a state question that would boost education funding are meeting outside the state's maximum-security juvenile lockup in Sand Springs to highlight what they say would be devastating budget cuts to state services. Tuesday's announcement is being held outside the L.E. Rader Center. The question on the November ballot State Question 744 would amend the state constitution to require Oklahoma within three years to meet the regional average of per-student spending in surrounding states. The One Oklahoma Coalition says the proposal would lead to tax increases or to massive cuts to other state services. A recent report by the nonpartisan Oklahoma Policy Institute estimates the plan would cost the state $1.7 billion over three years.